Dominique Goncalves


Hi. I'm Dominique, a front-end developer based in Chicago.

My Stack

html css  logos js logo jquery logo ruby on rails logo sass logo ruby logo


Battle Cats

Experience here

A mobile first web application that let's you share your pet's cuteness and battle other pets to see who is the cutest.

In Progress:


An app for artists to share their portfolios with other users and to get critiqued quick.

My Experience


School of the Art Institute of Chicago

B.F.A. in Studio, Photography and Art + Technology, 2018

Through my experience and degree at School of the Art Institute of Chicago, I have developed my photography, design, photo editing, and lighting technique skills. I also took classes in Web Art and Sound.


Dev Bootcamp

April 2017 - August 2017

18 week web-development bootcamp, I worked on full-stack web development projects in Ruby on Rails. I learned a variety of programming languages and created a capstone project using Agile Workflow and deployed on Heroku.



My name is Dominique Goncalves, and I am a front-end developer. I started my love for web development in high school in a required computer science class where I met HTML and CSS. Throughout my years at art school I delved more into the world of web development and web art, teaching myself what I could. In 2017 I found Dev Bootcamp, the first coding bootcamp of its kind. What happened in those 18 weeks changed me into the developer I am today. Even though I am young and finishing my last year at School of the Art Institute of Chicago, I am a quick learner and problem solver and am ready to bring my design skills to whatever I do next.

Contact + Links

Make Beautiful and meaningful things

- Dev Bootcamp